You are not this body, nor these thoughts and feelings. You are Love Divine, beyond space and time.  Let go of the constrictions of the self identity. Break free. Lose your self in order to anchor the Real Self- Soul Infinity – True Nature.

It takes courage to face the self, with its multiple layers and to give up the “I” will of identity to the Divine will. To surrender. It takes dedication to keep at it, persistence and consistency to discover all that you think you are, with all your thoughts, concepts and beliefs, and to willingly let all that go. The more you get out of your own way, you come to realize there is much greater force you can allow to take the wheel and that is liberating. From all restrictions and limitation created by form. The unseen is what’s everlasting. You were never born, nor will you ever die.

Can we come to live out of our Pure Nature? Can we embody the wisdom of the Soul? Yes, we can! When? Now and Now and Now. Again and again and again…